Oleh: majalah merah putih | Januari 23, 2010



Once upon a time, a little old man and a little old woman lived in the hills of Puerto Rico. In their garden, they grew many vegetables such as tomatoes, pumpkins, potatoes, beans, and corn. They spent many hours working in the garden.

Every morning, while the wife made coffee, the old man looked out the window at his beautiful garden. But one day he saw something in the garden. “Maria, come quickly,” he called to his wife. “Something is eating our vegetables.”

He went out to the garden and saw that it was a billy goat. “Please don’t eat up the garden, Senor Billy Goat! We are old and we need our vegetables,” he said. But the goat turned his horns toward the old man and made him run away.

The old man and his wife started to cry. Just then a little black ant fell into the man’s hand. “What will you give me if I help you?” asked the ant. “I can make the goat go away. “They promised her a little bag of flour and a little bag of sugar, and she went away.

The ant went to the garden. She walked up the goat’s leg, over his back, and up to his ear. Then she stung him. “Ouch, “cried the goat. Then the ant began to sting the goat on his ears, legs, and back.

“I must have stepped on an anthill!” the billy goat said, and he ran out of  the garden. He rolled on the ground to try to kill the ant. But he forgot that he was on a hill. So he rolled down, down, down. Maybe he is still rolling!

The man and his wife were happy. They gave the ant a bag of flour and one of sugar, as they had promised. After that, they never had problems with goats.


Garden       : kebun

Make          : membuat

Spent         : menghabiskan

Horns         : tanduk

Quickly       : cepat

Still             : tetap

Stung         : sengat

Pumpkins   : labu

Promised   : janji

Hill              : lembah

Problem     : masalah


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